Improving QlikView Performance

In this post we will give you some tips to improve the performance in QlikView while developing your application. These improvements can be done at different levels: Script User Interface Server Find below these little tips that can make a big difference in the user experience of your app: Use numbers as key values instead
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DATAHEAD, our new product for Business Analytics

No matter the type of business you have in your organization with Datahead you can explore,describe and analyze all relevant data quickly and easily. Whether you’re a business user with limited technical skills, a statistician or a data scientist, powerful analytics are at your disposal. Absolutely no coding required. Sophisticated analytics, including decision trees, neural
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qlik sense

Qlik Sense, a quick review

The future of Qlik in the middle term is Qlik Sense. The growing trend for Business intelligence is self-service platform and the consumption of information in any device anywhere. Qlik Sense is intended to cover these requirements. Below we look up the main features: * Nice visualizations. * Easy to Use. The product is easy
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post get

HTTP methods and Go URLs

Hello All! As you know we provide Development and Support/Maintenance Services for Business Intelligence & Analytics. In this post, we would like to share with you a customer´s request that could be interesting for you in the future. They are using OBIEE 11g as a BI tool. Let´s introduce the issue. Our customer was sending
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In the following post we will introduce basic concepts of spatial data and more specifically of Oracle Spatial Data. Finally you will be able to understand the example about how the SDO_GEOMETRY function works when we want to know the smallest convex envelope of a set of X points in a map. Spatial data is
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Bringing light to the Microsoft BI toolset focused on Mobile BI solutions

With the changing scenario arriving, we would like to bring light about how the main Microsoft BI components are positioned. Reporting Services adapts better to on-premises reports with high interactivity and complex business logic. Fitted for local and distributed corporate BI. Datazen is a native mobile solution. It is designed to on-premises dashboard, with high
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The Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms 2016

SAS and IBM (SPSS family software products) are still ahead of everyone else! Last Gartner report for advanced analytic platforms states that SAS and IBM analytic tools are still ahead of everyone else in this matter. In fact next in position is far from these two. SAS * Owns the most large product stack in
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The Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms 2016

The Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms 2016 has been delivered. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report is a guidance to understand the market´s trends for the year ahead. The big surprise of this year is that Oracle was dropped from the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant shows that the trend is self-analysis
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Datazen, another Microsoft mobile BI solution

The Microsoft BI ecosystem has several tools for visualization, including Reporting Services, Power View, Excel, Performance Point, Power BI and since April ’15, Datazen. This toolset offers flexibility, but also comes with some confusion as to which tool is better for your case. When we knew about the Datazen, we started to think how is
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