Our value

The added value of innovAhead lies on the people who integrate our team.

Our professionals are what differentiates and gives value to our company.

With a mix of diverse backgrounds, expertise, attitude, experience and discipline we are capable of adapting to the client’s needs without leveraging our performance. 

  Your motivation to join

  • Welcoming and inspiring team.
  • Knowledge-sharing culture.
  • People-first mentality.
  • Cutting-edge technology.
  • Constant improvement and formation.
  • International environment.

  Join our Commitment!

innovAhead is committed to the continuous personal and professional development of its team members.

As a company mission, we constantly provide our team members with a range of opportunities and training to help them grow in the direction they choose.

By emphasizing growth we do not disregard the importance of personal comfort. At innovAhead, it is extremely important that all employees feel comfortable at the workplace. This is why we are committed to our channels of communication for feedback and improvement at all times.

As you grow, innovAhead grows with you.  

In the same way, innovAhead strongly supports the employment of young or disadvantaged people, showing involvement with the society by an active engagement in the Programa de Contratación Estable de Jóvenes from the Sistema Nacional de Garantía Juvenil.