DATAHEAD, our new product for Business Analytics

No matter the type of business you have in your organization with Datahead you can explore,describe and analyze all relevant data quickly and easily.

Whether you’re a business user with limited technical skills, a statistician or a data scientist, powerful analytics are at your disposal. Absolutely no coding required. Sophisticated analytics, including decision trees, neural networks, multilinear regression or principal component analysis is provided, Anyone can understand our aproach.

Quickly design reports including charts that are attractive, interactive and meaningful.

Datahead is based on open source technology. R with Shiny are the libraries been used. Key feature is any analytic pluggin can be added to main engine in order to include any particular capabilities like time series modeler or any other special chart or modelling technique in less than 3/4 weeks!

Only a internet conexion is needed to use Datahead. Web based tool is available from anywhere at any time.

datahead ppt

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