Datazen, another Microsoft mobile BI solution

The Microsoft BI ecosystem has several tools for visualization, including Reporting Services, Power View, Excel, Performance Point, Power BI and since April ’15, Datazen. This toolset offers flexibility, but also comes with some confusion as to which tool is better for your case.

When we knew about the Datazen, we started to think how is it different from Power BI as at first sight seem to be a similar tool. After working with both tools we have the first ideas about it. Power BI is oriented to Self Service BI integrating data from both on-premises, Internet and cloud data sources. Datazen provides mobile BI capabilities for those who need on-premises solution, fitted for distributed mobile corporate BI. It is a tool that needs more IT efforts. On the other hand, less technical user will feel more comfortable using it. This could be a good thing or a bad thing for your organization. If you want your data sources very locked down, if you want your users to have a very easy dashboarding experience, or if you want a very good cross platform mobility solution, Datazen covers your requirementes.

The most interesting features are:

– Datazen is a mobile BI solution. Dashboards can be designed once without the need to set for specific customizations for iOS, Android, or Windows devices. Datazen does have flexibility to alter the tablet and phone design from the original dashboard designed.

– The capabilities to cache dashboard data on the mobile device may help the mobile employee be more efficient because they can access their dashboards anywhere regardless of connectivity.

– Datazen is an on-premises solution, free for user MS SQL Server Enterprise and MS Software Assurance.

– Datazen has great maps capabilities.

We can conclude that Datazen is the easy to handle tool for less technical users to create easily nice dashboards for mobile and share them. For technical skills that want to build their own models, Power BI could be a better choice. Now the next question is about future possible integrations between Datazen and Power BI.